The first line of defense against COVID-19

Covid Guard is the global COVID-19 screening platform. We collect and analyse anonymous health information to get a real-time overview of the pandemic and prevent new outbreaks.

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We provide a real overview of the pandemic

We improve safety in dealing with COVID-19 at a global scale, identifying high risk situations days or weeks in advance compared to conventional tools.

The steps of the process


Collection of health information

By performing daily check-ups on your symptoms, or registering swabs and serological tests through the platform, you’re providing us anonymous data that we’ll use to make your community safer.

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Data analysis

After being collected, such data is analysed with mathematical algorithms to create statistical models.

This allows to better understand many aspects surrounding the epidemic and its progression at a global, national and local scale.


Identification of high-risk situations

The statistical analysis makes it possible to uncover a huge amount of hidden information and patterns, which can be used to promptly alert users and authorities about potential high-risk areas and anomalous situations.

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Maps and reports

We provide an interactive mapping of the situation based on our data and analysis, as well as daily personalised reports for users and authorities containing meaningful information about their areas of interest.

How does it work

By registering, you can access your personal area and use the features available on the platform.

From there you can register how you feel, if you've taken any swabs or tests, as well as make use of all the features that we'll introduce over time.

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Daily check-ups

A guided questionnaire about your symptoms, that can be completed in less than 10 seconds.

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Swabs and tests

A registry where you can add the results of the swabs and serological tests you have undertaken.

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Past symptoms

Insert information on a period when you haven’t been feeling well, during the epidemic.


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Available worldwide

Our platform can be safely used all over the world.

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Fully anonymous

Your privacy is our first priority, and this is reflected in all our features.

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No position tracking

We achieve mapping of the territory, without tracking users’ position over time.

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Accessible from any device

You can use the platform from any browser or device.

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Preventive approach

We limit the evolution of new outbreaks by identifying them at the earliest possible time.

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Independent from swabs

Our effectiveness is not limited or influenced by the availability of swabs or the number of tests performed – or any other external factor.

Improve your safety,
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